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British Media Survey that Liverpool Fans Confidence Index Fell

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Internationally renowned football magazine "FourFourTwo" recently launched a survey to understand the fans for their home team coaches, players and the boss's confidence index. According to the survey, due to poor record this season, Liverpool fans confidence in the Army's overall decline.

Liverpool won the runner-up led by Rogers in the Premier League last season, so in the beginning of the season, fans of both the Red Army coach Rogers or the new lineup are confident. At that time the fans for their confidence index reached 87% and 81%.

Then for the squad's confidence index rose to 88%, while confidence in the Rogers rose 90%. But Liverpool's record has always been less than ideal, with their league ranking slipped to 11, the confidence of the fans is also increasingly sluggish. Right now Rogers fans confidence index is only 62%, while most Reds fans disappointed obviously their existing players, whose confidence index for this lineup of only 47%.

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