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Brazilian star Ronaldinho Gaucho missed training cause dissatisfaction

Mexico's serie a tarot clay club chairman said recently that if Brazilian star Ronaldinho Gaucho didn't return for pre-season training, will be expelled from the team. In the summer and brasileiro atletico mineiro after termination, 34, ronaldinho join queretaro formally in September. In the Mexican league last season, he played nine games and scored 3 goals for the team.

The end of the season after, he came to the United States and Brazil to deal with personal affairs, and says it will on time to participate in queretaro on December 8, team's pre-season training, prepare for next season. However, until the start pre-season training after two weeks, Ronaldinho Gaucho did not report back to the team. During this period, the team has been underway for more games. The team says, although is a two-time world footballer of the year winner, but Ronaldinho Gaucho in the team can't make specialization.

Queretaro club chairman David villa's Mr Said that if Ronaldinho Gaucho didn't return to training, the team will look for other foreign aid. Team sports director beltrans have also said, not Ronaldinho Gaucho to specialization." Ronaldinho Gaucho has missed most of pre-season training team, no one can above DuiGui, if he doesn't come back, we will make a decision."

In July 2014 with atletico mineiro after "peace break up", he said he had no retirement plan, but also to play 8 years, playing to 42 years old. Ronaldinho Gaucho's career is very brilliant, he has played in Paris st germain, Barcelona and AC milan, the team, and help Brazil in the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea.

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