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Big Price Drop of FIFA 18 in Only One Month

Do not buy EA games when launching. For many old players, they are already very familiar with this routine. With reputation of the worst manufacturers in the North American, EA is always able to launch a large number of DLC and high price of the full version games. While once the game is launched for some time, the official EA will soon be on the game for a diving-style price promotions.

On September 29 FIFA 18 was launched. However, within a month after the sale, today price promotions on FIFA 18 is on with 33% reduction.

Ronaldo version's price is 59.99 euros, before is 79.99 euros, 25% price reduction, which is the equivalent of 2.5 off. Standard version price is 71.99 euros with 20% price reduction, before is 89.99 euros.

In fact, EA has price cuts tradition in kinds of games in not long time after sale. Take Battlefield 1 for example, it was on sale on October 21, 2016. But on November 23, 2016, the price promotions worked. That is about a month time. The price was reduced 40%.

In fact, even with today's price promotions, imfifa.co still does not recommend players to buy FIFA 18. In the first month the players have not started the game, Imfifa believes players' mentality for the game is not so eager. So compare to buy the game, imfifa highly recommends you subscribe to be EA's annual fee member. With less than $30, you can play a variety of EA produced games throughout the whole year on Origin platform, in which there is FIFA 17. Before FIFA 18 will be free, you can play FIFA 17 to enjoy this game. Half a year later FIFA 18 will also be free to play.

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