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Best time to buy FIFA 18 packages

The most economical time to buy the FUT 18 package will be in the time when many expensive items are available, preferably at the start of their release. Demand and supply decide the price. The initial popular form is in short supply, demand is exuberant, causing price inflation.

Once in a while, EA would release a double opportunity, or lower the price of packages, which means it's a great time to buy packs. The most expensive regular and online CARDS are gold, so most people want to buy packages that offer a lot of gold players, with lots of pearls.

In our experience of playing FUT, in the long run, it's definitely worth the trade to build an amazing team builder, not a package. When you open FIFA 18 packs, you may be quick, but you'll run out of FIFA COINS.

Before starting your FIFA 18 ultimate team journey, it might be worth investing in some FIFA COINS to buy the packs. This will help you to build a sizable amount of COINS for trading. Some do not need to be due to all returned to user packages, free Jumbo Premium Gold packs and your boot pack. If you are not so lucky in these packs, FIFA 18 COINS are worth saving for investment and trading.

A happy hour is a time when there is a promotion pack in the store. In normal happy hours, you can get cheaper promotional packs with rare CARDS. Having two special happy times was declared a "double opportunity" in a year, which means that the chances of getting an IF card were twice as common during that period.

We can't know happy times ahead of time, but they are common at these moments:
- during the champions league
- most of the weekend, usually for a long time
- during the popular IF card issue
- Christmas day (December 10 and January 2).
-always at 6 p.m. (UK time)

Buying packs during TOTW or TOTY/TOTS weeks is a good strategy. In the case of success, profits will be higher.