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Benzema to Miss 1st Round Fifa 16 Game of La Liga

La Liga will be all out war this season on the 22nd of this month. Real Madrid has to face a very tough problem, the number one center Benzema may miss the Spanish first round match because of injury.If you want to buy imfifa FIFA Coins, Imfifa is a good choice, fast and cheap.

According to Imfifa the latest news, Benzema’s right thigh injury is far severity than exceeded expectations, he will therefore be out for three weeks, and miss Sporting the first round Fifa 16 game of the league. As to whether can he catch up the second round Fifa Ultimate Team on the 29th, it is currently unknown.Check more about FIFA coins price at http://www.imfifa.co/.

Benzema has been sidelined with injuries recently. During the Real Madrid trip to China , he did not get much Fifa Coins playing time, and at the previous Audi Cup held in Germany, the French striker did not travel with the Fifa Ultimate team.