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Benzema Will Renew With Real Madrid

According to imfifa news, regardless of whether Mbappe joined Real Madrid or not, Benzema's position can not be shaken. The new season is approaching, Benzema will sign a contract with Real Madrid.

Since joining Real Madrid in 2009, Benzema has played for Real Madrid for 8 years. The French striker eager to continue to play for Real Madrid, even if Mbappe joins, it will not change his mind. Benzema urgently want to renew with Real Madrid, and Zidane is also eager to retain the 29-year-old Benzema, the two sides are about to complete the renewal work.

In 2014, Benzema and Real Madrid completed a renewal, and now he is about to complete the renewal with Real Madrid. At present, Benzema's contract will expire in 2019, Benzema hopes to renew with Real Madrid to 2021 or 2022 years.

Benzema is about to start the 9th year Real Madrid career, the French striker by the club and teammates respect. Benzema is already one of the greatest players in Real Madrid's history. More information is on imfifa.co where you can buy cheap FIFA 18 Coins.