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Benitez is not Good at Locker Room Management

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In iMfifa's point of view, Benitez is never good at dealing with big players, and management of the locker room has never been his strengths. In such a strong Real Madrid's locker room, coupled with two most senior Ramos and Marcelo, it is really very difficult for Benitez to control the locker room.

Think about the period when the nice guy Ancelotti coached the team. He also had Real Madrid's exploits players Zidane and Hierro to help him. The two would be responsible for communication with the players. However this season, Benitez has no such people around. There was news pointing out earlier in the season Benitez wanted Morientes or Baraja to be the teaching assistants, while the result was nothing.

Real Madrid has always been a strong political team. In the case that the club sports director was vacant for many years, the coach must be strong enough to maintain the locker room. In the end, click here www.imfifa.co to get more related information and Cheap FIFA 16 coins.