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Bell was Scolded by Fans for Playing Midfielder

Bell has become a major concern of the fans for Real Madrid showed poor offensive ability. However, according to iMfifa, Benitez still trust Bell. He considered Bell as Real Madrid's solution, rather than the problem source.

Former Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti arranged Bell on the right, but Bell never settled down. After the arrival of Benitez, he put Bell on the middle, which give Bell full freedom, just as Bell played in Wales. But till now, Bell has not performed very well from warm-up match in the attacking midfielder position. Recently, the 0-0 draw with Sporting Gijon has already made Real Madrid FIFA 16 fans unhappy.

Frankly speaking, this arrangement is very strange. As I understand, the playmaker generally emphasized technology, awareness and mass shooting basics, while Bell is characterized by running. There are certainly players with this type, such as Pavel Nedved, but skills are also needed. Perhaps Bell is really inappropriate in this position.