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Bell Said C Lo Is the Best in Football Today

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C Lo is or not the first person in football today in the end? Many people have different views on this maintained. But in the eyes of his teammates Bell, CR7 is undoubtedly the best player in today's football.

Bell also revealed the reason for their choice of Real Madrid in an interview, "C Lo is a major factor that I came to Real Madrid. I want to train with the best players in the world every day of learning. I want to know how did he devote into every game. He scored a lot of goals, and the contribution he made to the team is unbeatable. I can not think of which player can be compared with him today. "

While also named to the 2014 Golden Globe Awards among the 23 candidates, Bell knew deeply that he also needs to make more effort to be at the same level with C Ronaldo.

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