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Beckham Cheered for Paris with Sons

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Beckham carried the eldest son Brooklyn and two small sons to watch Paris Saint-Germain 2-2 draw at home to Chelsea in the Champions League. After the game Brooklyn said on Instagram: "Thanks for Ibrahimovic gave me a shirt, played well. " But in fact, someone reminded him that Ibrahimovic only played 30 minutes then was sent off.

Beckham played briefly for PSG before retired. Perhaps during this time Brooklyn knew the number one striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He was very excited to get this PSG's Champions League away jersey. Although Ibrahimovic was sent off early, Paris is still stubbornly with the away goal advantage at Stamford Bridge qualify for the Champions League quarter-finals eliminated.

Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney also watched the game, and applause for the Paris on Twitter:"This is Paris the most wonderful performance what I've seen in 10 men." As Manchester United no Champions League this season, Rooney can only watched other teams show on television, certainly led his unit to return to the Champions League.

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