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Bayern Wins Victory over Arsenal

Bayern Munich beats Arsenal with the final scores 5 to 1 in the fourth round of UEFA Champions League. After the game, Bayern gets nine points and ranks first in the group.

There is no doubt that Bayern will advance to the playoffs. While Arsenal only gets three points, the team's current situation is not optimistic, they may can't march into the playoffs. Bayern has an excellent performance for they score three goals in the first half.

However, Arsenal scores only one goal by Olivier Giroud. Thanks to Arsenal goalkeeper's good performances on the pitch, Bayern doesn't score more goals.The best player of the game is obtained by Bayern player Thiago Alcantara. Bayern coach Pep Guardiola praises Thiago after the game.

In this game, Thiago has good performances in the offensive and defensive lines. Thiago is a good player, he has a good psychological quality. He can perform better in the important games. Now Thiago Alcantara has signed with Bayern until 2019.

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