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Bayern Offers a written Contract to Hummels

According to the latest report from imfifa.co, Bayern has given Hummels a written contract. Hummels is inclined to join Bayern.

It is reported that the contract is for a period of four years, the annual salary 10 million euro, as well as bonus. Hummels hasn't made final decision, but the 27 -year-old defender prefers to sign with Bayern. If Hummels agrees to transfer to Bayern, then Bayern will negotiate with Dortmund. The transfer fee is expected to be 30 million euros.

Apparently Dortmund is unwilling to see the captain of the team switch to Bayern. Using Hummels to exchange Gotze may be a solution. Or Dortmund will retain Hummels to 2017, then he can make free transfer. Hummels' contract expires in 2017, with about 5 million euros yearly salary. In the end, cheaper and faster FIFA 16 Coins are waiting for you.