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Bayern 50mil euros Income This Season

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After the 7-0 home victory over Shakhtar Donetsk, Bayern Munich qualified Champions League Top 8. While the German media SPORT1 calculations for Bayern, according to statistics, the Champions League revenue has reached 50 million euros so far this season.

Bayern's 50 million euros income includes entry bonuses, win prizes, promotion bonus, marketing share, ticket sales and other parts. In the beginning of the Champions League, Bayern will be awarded a 8.6 million euros prize entry, and five Champions League group stage victory also let them get 500 million euros win bonus. In addition, after the group stage breakout success, they gained promotion bonus of 3.5 million euros, and reaching the Top 8 let them get a promotion bonus of 3.9 million euros.

Meanwhile, Bayern also be able to get 17 million euros revenue share. While in the previous four home games, they received a total of euros 12 million in ticket sales. Cumulatively, Bayern Munich revenue has reached 50 million euros in the Champions League so far this season.

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