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Barcelona refuses to accept the FIFA punished

International sports arbitration court recently formally rejected the Barcelona on transfer ban appeal, it also means that since January 2015, Barcelona will determine in two consecutive transfer window could not be signings. To this, Barcelona, they move quickly to a new round of the appeal. FIFA said in a statement, to protect the young player is one of the most basic work in FIFA, FIFA has developed a very clear rules, but also set up a special agencies responsible for this matter.In terms of low age players transfer and registration, all need to FIFA's permission.

Barcelona is likely to complain to FIFA real Madrid and atletico Madrid are equally in youth violations reinforcements, and asked FIFA to Madrid masters also impose a ban on signings of heavy penalties. Barca that youth offending signings in fact is one of the football rules. If you really want to find questions, questions to any team can be detected and Barcelona should not become the only victims. In the international sports arbitration court denied Barcelona, Spain professional football league issued a statement support Barcelona, and youth policy.

The Spanish football association, points out that all the Spanish club to support the development of protection of juvenile football players and education; Barcelona and other music department always respect the interests of the youth and growth; Barcelona's la Marcia academy is an example to other countries to develop youth, they have helped hundreds of youth players improve their skills and education; FIFA and the Spanish football association standard conflict, the Spanish club in accordance with the standards of the Spanish football federation has been operating for many years, the FIFA standard will make a lot of clubs are now making mistakes.

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