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Barcelona and Real Madrid Facing Tough Challenges

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La Liga new round ended, Real Madrid 3-0 won over Ewald, Barcelona 2-2 drew by Sevilla. Real Madrid narrowed the gap with Barcelona in the standings, only a thin two points. Currently seven rounds left in the league, both teams are facing tough challenges in the two away.

In the next race in La Liga, Real Madrid should not underestimate two away games, including the April 26 away to Celta Vigo, May 3 game against the Andalusian giants Sevilla. Both two terms are full of danger for Real Madrid. In addition, the May 10 game at home to Valencia will not be easy.

The situation is not very optimistic on Barca side. Also two away games to initiate the test: April 26 game against the Spaniards, especially the May 17th Legion sheets away against Atletico Madrid.

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