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Barcelona Teach the World

Barcelona beat Levante 4-1 at home, leading the standings with 12 points. After winning the game, Barcelona have become the first team to make four straight start winnings in consecutive four seasons. In this campaign, coach Enrique demonstrated his skills rotation to the world once again.

For Barcelona coach Enrique, the rotation is a risky decision but had to be made. In the Spanish Super Cup first leg, because the rotation rate is too large, Barcelona 0-4 defeated away, eventually lost the championship. Faced with he campaign against the Levante, Enrique was not intimidated before the defeat, but demonstrated the extraordinary courage again .

Enrique's success lies not only in the rotation to give the opportunity to the key players to rest, but also to a number of young players valuable playing time.

In fact, Enrique's rotation has been one of the magics, which is the key of Barcelona the Triple Crown last season. It is because of reasonable scientific rotation policy, that Barcelona has not suffered any injuries last season, the team have maintained a very good physical fitness and physical state until the end of the season. This is exactly the key to Barcelona beat Real Madrid last season.

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