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Barcelona Players Dyes the Locker Room of Getafe Bloody As Hell

The details that Barcelona playes kicked up a stink at the stadium were exposured. According to gruesome photos disclosed on http://www.imfifa.co/, Getafe stadium's locker room was dyed bloody as hell.

For this, Getafe Chairman Torres was very angry, "Their locker room is polluted, it is difficult to pick up. When they leave the whole dressing room looks like...... Although these colors can be washed away. I had intended to send a letter to the president of Barcelona, but they apologized, I tore it up, because we do not blame their club. Moreover, Barcelona players broke into the news conference, which was a lack of respect for reporters."

In fact, most of us just can't understand this kind of behavior. But it's really not the club's fault. Barcelona has apologized and intended to repair the relationship between the two clubs. So please stop condemning and to find a peaceful solution. And if you want to buy cheap FIFA 16 coins, our site is your best choice.