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Barca three captain to handle team conflict

Barcelona in la liga after losing to the royal society, all of a sudden in turmoil, zubizarreta and carles puyol leave, coach enrique and messi's contradictions. In such a time of crisis, the captain leading Harvey talk with Lionel messi, hoping to ease the contradiction between the enrique and. Game against real sociedad, enrique will messi on the bench, messi direct goldbrick absent in the second day, this to enrique great discontent, obviously the Argentine is likely to be intentional.

Enrique and messi conflict has more than once, Lionel messi has public disobedience refused to be substituted in the game, let enrique face embarrassment, messi also resentful of enrique let him play wide, he see enrique's dictator, even two people quarrel happened in training. Then Lionel messi on Chelsea's official account, but also focus on the several Chelsea players.

Barcelona last season and nothing, in la liga this season also lags behind that of Barcelona, if the team civil strife, certainly may another champions league is hard to find. In this moment of turmoil, captain, vice captain iniesta and Harvey fourth captain busquets talk with Lionel messi, the latter is the third captain of Barcelona.

Harvey and others want messi expressing your dissatisfaction and intend to keep an open heart, to seek the solution to solve the problem together, ease and coach enrique contradiction. In addition, Harvey and others also has carried on the exchange and enrique, hope to be able to do the peacemaker. Harvey also hope to be able to organize a team meeting, make enrique and Lionel messi and others face to face communication, to get clear words, only in this way can we solve the problem, make the team continue to progress smoothly.

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