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Balotelli said that the team is not suitable for me

This season, the 26 year old Balotelli in Ligue nice glow second spring, brilliance. Today, he accepted the Italy Sky Sports interview, talk about some of the recent feelings. God said he only and Cyclops exchange once, then they still decided to leave. As for why the downturn in Liverpool and Milan, the interpretation of the Pakistani God is surprising: that is because the two clubs are not suitable for me. In the interview, the Palestinian God expressed the determination to return to the national team.

In the summer of 2014, he joined the Liverpool. The subsequent 14-15 season, he performed in the doldrums, only scored 1 League goals. In the summer of 2015, Milan will be leased back to the Palestinian god. 15-16 season, the status of the Palestinian God is still bad, still only 1 league goals in a season down. This summer, Milan will return to Liverpool, and Liverpool has no intention of Buy Fifa 17 Coins going to him. After some negotiations, the last day of the summer transfer window, the Palestinian God joined the nice. It is worth mentioning that, Liverpool is free to let him leave.

In nice, the bar of God itself, the past 5 games and scored 6 goals, panruoliangren. What about this summer again, the bar of God's tone is hard for many: "klopp does not seem to understand me, I just talked to him once, he let me leave, go to the new team, playing hard for back again. I decided at that time, I must say goodbye to him, I won't see him again."

Why are nearly two performances in Milan and Liverpool very bad? "This is not a person's fault," he explained. "It's just because their environment doesn't suit me. I didn't make any mistakes, and my actions were all right. I'm just a little hurt, it's something that's out of control."

Pakistan God also puts forward his views on fifa 17 points Milan in recent years low-spirited. "Milan's problems are in the management." God said: "in my opinion, there is only one person in Milan who is conscious, and he is Galliani. As for the others, they seem to be confused. Galliani wants to leave Milan? This is more able to explain the chaos in Milan today."