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Balotelli Had a Bad Season in AC Milan

In the last European Cup Balotelli was the most prominent player in Italy. This time he is doomed to spectator, his future is still unknown.

Imfifa said AC Milan have officially informed him, if Liverpool agrees to continue the lease, he will continue to stay at AC Milan, but the buyout is definitely impossible. 2014, Balotelli joined Liverpool from AC Milan, and the transfer fee was 20 million euros. A year later he was re-leased back to AC Milan. Balotelli would have hoped to re-find the feeling, but this season at AC Milan is very bleak. He played a total of 20 Serie A games, finally scored a goal.

Currently his contract with Liverpool will expire in June 2018, but the Anfield already has no his position. More information is on imfifa.co where you can buy cheap FIFA 16 Coins.