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Bale Will Sign a New Contract with Real Madrid

According to imfifa news, Real Madrid has negotiated with Bale about the new contract, He is expected to be able to sign a new contract with Real Madrid this week.

According to imfifa reports, 26-year-old Bale will contract with Real Madrid until 2021, in addition to this, his salary will increase, so weekly earnings will be 6.3 million euros. Imfifa said Real hopes Bale to renew as soon as possible, in order to deny other teams poaching. It is said many teams are full of interest on Bale.

Last week in the league, in the game with the Royal Society, he scored the winning header, to help Real Madrid to continue pursuing Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. Since  joined Real Madrid in the summer of 2013, Bale scored 58 goals in 120 games.

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