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Bale May Have a New Contract with Real Madrid

In the final stage of the season, Bale broke out. When C Ronaldo had injury, he became a mainstay of Real Madrid. With the superb performance on the pitch, Bale also won the qualification of world's highest annual salary.

According to imfifa reported that now Real Madrid are very much like to contract with Bale. His contract with Real Madrid will expire in June 2019. Real Madrid hopes his  contract can be extended for 2 years. In order to complete contract negotiation as soon as possible, Real Madrid are willing to give him the highest salary.

Currently Bale has scored 19 goals in the league, only two goals less than that of his best season in Tottenham. Currently his playing time is less. It is worth mentioning that this season, Bale also goes beyond Lineker. He became the British player who has the most goals in La Liga.

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