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Bale May Be Absent for 4 Months

According to imfifa news, Bale may be absent for nearly 4 months. More information is on imfifa.co where you can buy cheap FIFA 17 Coins.

This week, Bale accepted the ankle surgery in London, and the surgery was successful. He also began a recovery course. But for Real Madrid, a bad news is that his recovery may be longer than expected. Imfifa points out that the team doctor has given a value for his recovery time: 4 months. At first, they had expected to be 2-3 months. This means that if we want to see Bale again wearing Real Madrid shirt, we may have to wait until next April.

Bale can catch up with the sprint of the season. But he is expected to miss 14 games La Liga and the World Cup, because taking into account his recovery, he can not travel to Japan with the team. As for the King's Cup, if Real Madrid reached the final, then Bale is hoping to catch up.