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Atletico Madrid was FIFA transfer ban

FIFA officially announced, due to irregularities in the introduction and registration of Fifa Coins minors international players, clubs, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid suffered a transfer ban, shall be registered in the next two transfer of any player, but it does not contain already open The 2016 winter window, the ban in 2016 and 2017 summer window winter window implemented. In addition, the two teams also met the corresponding fines. Following Barcelona, ??La Liga top three in the other two because of the introduction of young players violations were punished.

FIFA Disciplinary Committee issued a bulletin by FIFA's official website, announced the introduction and because of irregularities in registering the age of 18 international players, Atletico and Real Madrid will be punished. Terms of the two clubs is a violation of Article 5, Article 9, Article 19, second and third additional provisions player eligibility and transfer regulations.

Madrid duo was punished first in the next two (full and continuous transfer period) shall not register any player, regardless of new players from the domestic league or in foreign leagues shall be registered. Since the 2016 winter transfer window has been opened, the transfer of the column is not complete, therefore, Madrid duo still be introduced in this transfer window and registration of players, and that the move to ban affects only players registered, does not affect the two team sell players, two women's football clubs, beach soccer and futsal team will not be affected.

In addition, Atletico and Real Madrid face a fine of 900 000, respectively, and 36 million Swiss francs, FIFA give the two clubs 90 days time, from the regime to be involved in the standardization process for all young players.

According to FIFA's official website revealed that the Disciplinary Committee issued a transfer ban is based on the result of a long investigation of the Madrid duo, they are representative of Atletico Madrid in 2007-2014 participating players and Real Madrid in 2005-2014 small players participating were follow-up survey found that the corresponding violations. To protect the players under 18 years of age-related interests, fishes Madrid punish teams.

Just the year before early April, FIFA had also another team of fifa 15 coins ios La Liga giants Barcelona club out over the "super ticket", since Barcelona in a few seasons before the purchase under 18 years of age the operation of small players there are serious violations, and therefore they are not allowed to FIFA transfer window later sentenced to two players of penalties, until the ban was officially lifted in January this year.