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Atletico Madrid defeated levante in la liga

2014-15 west re-scheduled week 17 rounds of focus of a battle, atletico Madrid at home against levante. Winter return of fernando torres sat in the stands, lattice boltzmann twice in the header, secure godin, atletico Madrid 3-1 defeated levante. 12 minutes, cork first free-kick to the box, former elano turan penalty box to the left, godin headed back, but the linesman raised schematic orchid header offside, the goal will be disallowed. 15 minutes, west keira cross from the left, mann ZuJiJi 7 meters header wide.

Atletico Madrid 18th minute opener, west keira cross from the left, Gerry boltzmann small header in the terminal, atletico Madrid 1-0. This is atletico Madrid in 2015, the Spanish first ball. Lattice boltzmann net three la liga this season in the header, the west yet one. 30 minutes, the figure on the cross, mann ZuJiJi close clinging to score, the linesman indicated goal will be disallowed and the slow motion replay shows that Raman ZuJiJi is to bounce the ball with his right hand, the ball hit in the leg into the door. In the first half ended, atletico Madrid with Gerry's header 1-0 lead.

Atletico Madrid easy edge fight again in the second half, 47 minutes into a ball again, Juan Francisco moreno fuertes post, mann ZuJiJi 7 meters head shot by goalkeeper saved, defender clearance, lattice boltzmann home, after the ball bounced goalkeeper saved, but the referee the ball across the line whole, goal, atletico Madrid 2-0 up! Gerry boltzmann la liga this season scoring eight goals.

Pulled a goal back 62th minute levante, Ivan - lopez on the cross, atletico Madrid box a dogfight, former Liverpool player el zardari 7 meters accidentally hit the ball into the door, levante 1-2! The 65th minute, raul Garcia turan need to be replaced. The 79th minute, Jimenez ZuJiJi replace man. Stoppage time 3 minutes after the end of the game, atletico Madrid 3-1 defeated levante, made in 2015.

The 82th minute atletico Madrid, the truest tiago, on the left side of the cross godin 6 meters to header, atletico Madrid 3-1 lead! Godin made after scoring celebration of skilled archers. The 84th minute, Mr Wu for Gerry to score two goals in the boltzmann.

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