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Arsenal is interested in Ibrahimovic

According to the latest FIFA news from imfifa.co, a professional FIFA coins seller, that Paris Saint Germain striker Ibrahimovic intends to go to London for playing, which has aroused the attention of Arsenal.

The Swedish star with Paris's contract will expire in the summer. He intends to fight the Premier League next season, but tendSto join a London team. Although whether there is a team can meet his salary demands is doubtful, this palyer's strength is still very consistent with the requirements of Arsenal. Ibrahimovic's resume is prominent, he has played for 6 teams in 4 different countries, won 13 league titles in 15 seasons. At the age of 21 he was close to joining Arsenal. But at that time the Gunners boss Wenger proposed trial, proud and arrogant Zlatan rejected.

Though he is now 34 years old, he is still very strong. His contract with Paris will expire in the summer and he is hoping to play at least one more season in the top European leagues. Looking forward to their combination if possiblely.