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Arsenal Champions League Miracle to Fans

The fans witnessed this scene of 5% Coupon Code & 300k FIFA 16 Coins Giveaway. Arsenal were not optimistic in the impasse in advance, but achieved comeback, and qualified for the Champions League last 16.

It seemed raged on various social networks, in which, naturally inevitably some very funny graphs and videos. There are friends laughing with comic and even a bit further with the few Premier League strong team from www.imfifa.co.

First of all, the fans PS the Arsenal Savior tonight Giroux as the image of Jesus. From this figure, the man of God's head is a little big, but still very seductive.

Meanwhile, Wenger faced with the city and subjected to public opinion crisis before the game, but also escaped because of Giroux excellent play. Of course, naturally and ultimately, Arsenal fans likened Giroux to number one.