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Argentina against Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel messi

Portugal and Argentina's World Cup finalists in Manchester united's old trafford for pre-season, the Portuguese coach santos think this is a international version of the Spanish national Derby, the Portuguese captain is real Madrid star cristiano ronaldo, captain of Argentina star Lionel messi is Barcelona. Cristiano ronaldo in 2008 won the European golden ball and FIFA world player, Lionel messi in 2009 won the last two awards, two awards in 2010 merged into FIFA golden ball, messi even take three terms. Until 2013, cristiano ronaldo Cai broke the monopoly of the macy's.

Macy's in la liga this season seven goals and 7 assists, cristiano ronaldo scored 18 goals in la liga and five assists, C Ronaldo was obviously better. In Argentina a 2-1 win over, "Croatia second team" messi are arranged in the right coach martino winger position, he contributed a assists combined punishment into winning a penalty.

Cristiano ronaldo has played for six seasons at Manchester united, in 2009 by the "red devils" for real Madrid. In 2013 in the 1/8 uefa champions league final second leg, real Madrid away to a 2-1 victory over Manchester united, and eliminated 3-2 on aggregate after the Manchester united, cristiano ronaldo scored the winner for real Madrid. Countless cristiano ronaldo at old trafford debut with the home team players, at a time as a visiting player, this time as a neutral players, he is likely to turn this into your own home.

Messi just played a match at old trafford, 2008 champions league semi-final second leg, Manchester united to a 1-0 victory over Barcelona at home, and with a total score 1-0 to Barcelona knocked out. Messi playing a full game at that time, cristiano ronaldo, nani and Argentina striker carlos tevez played for united. Carlos tevez has returned to Argentina, he tomorrow with Lionel messi and cristiano ronaldo and nani.

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