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Antoine Griezmann Is Still the Hero of France

Euro 2016 has come to an end, France lose to Portugal in the finals, Antoine Griezmann loses 2 important finals in one year, it is a big pity for the French forward, but he should not be blamed.

Although losing the title, Griezmann becomes the top scorer at Euro 2016 with 6 goals and sits three goals behind Michel Platini's nine goals. Griezmann is still young and has the chance to break Platini's record in the future. Imfifa think although France fail to win, Griezmann is still the hero of his nation.

The forward helps France advance to last 16 by scoring a goal as a bench player. Then he scores twice in the game against Ireland to help his side progress to last 8. He continutes his outstanding performance in the game against Iceland and advances to semifinals successfully. When facing Germany, the forward scores the winning goal to help France reach the finals. He fails to win the Euro 2016, but he is still the hero of France.

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