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Android daily book the FIFA 15 ultimate team

Much-anticipated EA annual football simulation masterpiece the FIFA 15 ultimate team finally landed in android, believe iOS players also don't need waitting long for playing the popularity of the book, compared to before and almost swept the global FIFA 15 which made the improvement and update again?let us see together.

Firstly a mixed in the FIFA 14 multi-touch gestures operation mode has weakened in this year's new book. This operation mode adopted a more traditional virtual buttons, this also means that if you have a hold The android even double rocker switch machine, it will have the opportunity to experience the console's smooth operation, at this point, I'm afraid the play will applaud but familiar with gestures players still vomit slot.

Secondly the FIFA15 continuing the is given priority to with the CARDS and deal team of "ultimate" play, players can from the data updated 500 teams around the world thousands of real players to form their own ultimate team, and compete with the FIFA world player. In addition to this,it still support the game play, fast still support season, etc., the world more than 30 league and true enough stadium environment will let the fans shouted to his real football dream in the virtual world.

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