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Analysis on Englands Liverpool in the fa cup victory over bolton

The fa cup fourth round replay against bolton, happens to be a Liverpool captain Steven gerrard's 700th career games, 1-0 down situation for the red army is likely to lose a trophy again at any time. But at the last minute of the game, Liverpool with two golden child Stirling library mourinho connected on great reversal, two people within 5 minutes of saved two goals finally.

Once in the game, Liverpool's situation is very passive, three shots blocked by frame, skrtel box is not obvious foul, but by the referee executed. Game on 86 minutes, emre - jg frontcourt of passing ball, the area on the left side of the Stirling pass defense pushed his left foot, the ball, the goal will be on the field the score level 1-1.

In just 5 minutes later, when people think that the game will go into overtime, just with the team to complete the library to renew their moutinho front left open the defensive right foot volley, the ball to draw a beautiful arc under the beam along the bounces on the back, the goal for Liverpool 2-1 reverse promotion.

A goal and work on the sterling has scored three goals in five games, the carling cup semi-final first leg against Chelsea, his goals helped Liverpool to a 1-1 draw at home to rivals. The goal of the game is his first goal in 2015, the Brazilian scored for Liverpool last time, or at home against Arsenal on December 21, 2014, 45 days later, the library moutinho finally hit 10 goal drought.

After the game, happy for their own goals and sterling: "today we have a lot of scoring opportunities, but again and again to play on the door frame, I even began to suspect that this is not belong to us, fortunately, we insist on down." Sterling also praised the library into the dead ball, mourinho: "the goal is very beautiful, he is a magician, his goal is worth our time and time again replay appreciated." Rogers also praised love: "perfect library moutinho scored a goal."

Just before the game, library mourinho just contract with Liverpool until 2020, and performed well over the past couple of seasons, sterling is expected to sign a new contract with lazio. The two men will be the foundation for the future, especially on the premise of Steven gerrard will leave this summer, the red army more need to keep the two pop stars.

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