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American involvement in Fifa 15 Coins affairs

Scandals continuous fermentation, Qatar's bid to host the World Cup, a fee of ms Della majid said she and her family has been threatened by the qataris, and she is the 2022 World Cup in Qatar sources of fraud investigation. Majid is currently in under the aegis of the federal bureau of investigation.

Time in the past few years, on suspicion of fraud and other scandals in the process of Qatar's bid to host the World Cup is constantly in the press. FIFA have to entrust the chief investigator for this, from the United States attorney Michael Garcia, look into the matter.

Michael Garcia had received a fee in the process of investigation, Della majid anonymous information. Who in Qatar's bid to host the 2022 World Cup in the group work, is one of the international media relations the bid team principal, she was fired at the beginning of 2010.

On November 13, FIFA announced preliminary Garcia's report, the result is a big surprise. The report cleared Qatar suspected fraud, but in the process of investigation out of England's bid to host the misconduct of the meal price for commissioner pay 35000 pounds.

Suddenly stepped in to FIFA in the United States, some European fans laments: "fast become a political football," but a lot of people also said, "this is a battle between two super organizations, whether still don't know?"

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