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Alli Continues His Great Performance

Tottenham midfielder Alli continues his great performance this season. Real Madrid is willing to provide 85.5 million pounds high price to sign Alli. According to imfifa news, Tottenham is willing to provide the highest salary for Alli.

Tottenham will provide a new extension for Alli. It will also be his third contract in the past 16 months from Tottenham. Last September, Alli has just signed a new contract with Tottenham, when Alli and Tottenham signed to 2022, and the weekly salary was 55,000 pounds or so. Now Tottenham is willing to double the weekly salary of Alli, to provide him with the team highest salary. The new contract will be extended to 2023, which means that Alli will be able to get a total of 40 million pounds in revenue.

Alli joined Tottenham in 2015, when Ali's transfer fee was only 5 million pounds, then Ali in two consecutive seasons have a very good play. Tottenham believes that Ali is one of the most talented players, and Ali's outstanding performance attracted Real Madrid and Barcelona.

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