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All the Germany Players Participating in the World Cup Documentary Premiere in Berlin

From the German team won the World Cup this summer it has passed for nearly four months. The documentary premiere "team" (also translated as "four-star road") that German team won the World Cup a record was held in Berlin on Monday night. Many Germany Internationals went to join. The players have said that this is like going back to the fairy-tale summer.

Documentary premiere "team" was held on Monday night in Berlin. In addition to the body injured Schalke and Chelsea star Draxler Xu Earle, players participated in this summer's World Cup will all be present.

Also FIFA president Sepp Blatter also came to the scene issuing a certificate for the German World Cup team: "The Golden Medal is the highest honor. I have experienced ten times World Cup, but this is the best term, as well as the best winners. " This 85 minutes film will be officially released in Germany on November 13.

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