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Alex Hunter With The New Equipment of Chelsea In FIFA 18

The Twitter account of Alex Hunter, a fictional character created by EA Sports for El Camino mode, has let us see a new catch of the game where we can see the young promise tucked in Chelsea FC shirt. Of this season.

In this second season of El Camino is expected to live many more situations with Hunter, because we will be offered six chapters that we will have to meet and advance according to our decisions, finding novelties as outstanding this year as the personalization of the character, Like the hairstyle or the tattoos, and the option to live more epic moments, a possible change of equipment and the possibility of interacting with other great stars like Cristiano Ronaldo.

In terms of gameplay, the decisions you make within the field will have a greater impact, in addition to being more abundant throughout the season. Finally there will be the possibility to play this game mode both in local multiplayer with your friends and offline.

FIFA 18 will go on sale next September 29 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Switch, although in these last three platforms we will not be able to find this game mode. And FIFA 18 Coins will sale at imfifa.co store.