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Achilles heel of France Arsenal main force

Recently, the French soccer legend frank leboeuf said publicly that he is very worried, he calm problem on the pitch, the Arsenal is always easy impulse and dyed red on the court. Leboeuf worries that the younger generation is not without reason, coase, joining Arsenal in 2010 on behalf of the gunners will receive a red card was sent off in the first game. In four years, Arsenal, he has received three red CARDS.

In last year's World Cup qualifying play-offs, coase he in France in the away game against Ukraine, slapping each other player kutcher was ejected from the field directly, fortunately, the battle of France success they qualify then home to the World Cup, otherwise, he will become a sinner.

Is see successors let a person so don't worry, legendary French centre-back leboeuf expressed his worry about: "kos in France last year on the road against Ukraine cherniy, let a person cannot forget. I like him very much, but I don't understand why he always can't keep calm yourself? I think that he need to adjust their own psychology, ask yourself what you should do is right."

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