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West yet a battle for 10 rounds. Real Madrid 4-0 thrashing of granada. After the first C Ronaldo to real Madrid opened, J ronaldo scored a wave of the world. A second-half benzema into a ball again, with J complete brace. It after real Madrid in the case of played a game more temporarily become a la liga leaders.

Continuation of the last round of league match real Madrid's starting line-up. Real Madrid 2 minutes after the opening lead! Bezema beautifully-weighted right rib knock back, C Ronaldo the edge of the area to meet the ball the ball into the goal the bottom right hand corner, 0 and 1. After real Madrid continue to control the situation. 18th minute, C Ronaldo to play inside the lane after knock back, J a foot finish above the edge of the area. J, try again after 1 minute long shots were only roberto saved.

25 minutes, C Ronaldo heel pass, slip on the box down the Hal high. 31 minutes, slip Hal throw a throw-in on the right side, benzema lobbed pass, J ROM the box on the right side directly into the ball pulled his left foot shot the ball into the corner, 2-0. Three minutes later, pepe clearance kick their ramos, the latter end treatment. The 38th minute, slip Hal hamstring, real Madrid have been forced to advance substitution, aw roya. The score 2-0 at half-time.

53 minutes, kewell crosses, Allah than meet volley ball is Kathy.After 1 minute, real Madrid scored the third! J, and on the right side of the road, the area C Ronaldo heel pass, this jersey Ma Zhonglu easily cut into the box, 0 to 3! The 76th minute, the ze Ma Zhonglu after three defense points on the left side of the ball into the box, no defensive marcelo left-footed shot above the bar. The 86th minute, real Madrid scored the fourth!

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