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About Fifa 15 platinum play strategy

Since FIFA 09 with platinum power until FIFA 15, the first fall on the ground, see pure face, with real Madrid to Saudi Arabia, the slow speed of rivals, goalkeeper becomes 0, his own set to full defense, minimize his teammates, the rest is Look at the face. Many people tiptoe loose not solve, this is not a trophy first shovel, but loose in the running, so don't practice the cross spade shot.

Mainly on the ball to compare a few bigger, and then observe the goalkeeper to catch the moment according to the shot, don't tube ball how far is it from you, want is abnormal shot from distance. So, reference not to watch, see the other goalkeeper, should can solve a few times. There is no Cyclotron, is actually hold the L2 long shots, or real Madrid is better solved. Accelerated after a few times, according to the L2 shot after into small steps, real Madrid all the bugs can be basically solved. Or your opponent into a speed of 0.

Benedict wave to tiptoe light play goal, loose points. Single pole for goalkeeper, the last step to larger, catch up with the L2 + shot, the tiptoe wear loose + goalkeeper fork, jump trophy suggest can use zlatan ibrahimovic C Ronaldo these 5 star player to solution. Endowment, prevention and control Sliding and the ball 10 times, sliding and gain possession 10 times. Note that this cup does not need to be in a game, can accumulate, but to ensure that the sliding challenge and has got the ball directly, so that company together with records.

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