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About Fifa 15 different from past on imfifa.com

On the XBOX ONE as the official puts it, is really didn't have to say! The overall picture is higher than 360, and PC a lot! Details, for example: hd pitch changes. As you progress through the game, the pitch will appear a lot of scratches, very realistic. Before the green lawn in at half-time can already feel messy. 360 version of the picture than XONE can let a person feel, especially in the characterization aspect like playing live.

On the PC game picture although there is no the XBOX ONE so delicate, but after entering the game feel still is much better than FIFA 14. First, credit is the strengthening of the weather influence. More realistic game in the rain and snow, special feel. And the previous game, the game animation in goal have strengthened, image enhancement, and the game to celebrate the soybean meal years work has improved a lot. And broadcast camera will capture the bench and expression, and the reaction of the fans.

The game because the players have a mood influence, this as a big features a FIFA 15, also reflected in the face, let a person feel the mood convey! With a slight motion blur of ! Let the FIFA 15 more perfect in detail. The game's sound also got certain strengthen! In FIFA 15, the cheers of the audience, cheering for their respective leagues and teams, state of change.

FIFA 14 when don't press any celebration, players will only be standing there or just run, this kind of circumstance in the FIFA 15 already does not exist!Players will run while finding their celebrations, until the player rub celebration, players will then do the celebration. Compared to teammates in 14, 15 teammates converged with the ball, to cooperate, and to wait for each station passing. The game in action and animation to the next level. More player movement, increase many, passing ball, turned and even hit the ball movement.

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