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About Fifa 15 PS3 pass defense at Imfifa

1) personal experience, pure left rocker defensive judgement is still very high, sometimes can not rely on A key strategy for defense.
2) pure left rocker with A defensive positioning, key strategy to closing down, should be the safest play legend AI defense strategy.

Playing legends, AI, experience is the direction of A + anticipation, AI doesn't generally all the direction of the anticipation, but was rushed to the other direction, if make good use of double button, often can be successful legend AI wai's death, or let it clouds. But if predictions in the wrong direction, will be shaking out very far.

3) no ball defensive AI with more closely, a good thing.
4) feel defensive player of the inertia is a bit big, oneself person into one of partial.
5) to build the offside and the offside of AI some progress, but feel a little hidden trouble, especially secondary arrangement made offside after successful defense, have lost too much. Other AI feel age 14 and time difference.

Shot and goalkeeper:
1) motion capture and details of goalkeeper is very beautiful.
2) goalkeeper saves judgement is very strong, strong, keeper of the action happen rate is very fast.On the other hand, shot the ball physics and a little problem, goalkeeper middle distance is god, but afraid of near and middle road. Angles are not afraid of, more positive but often come in.

1) increasing the short passing the ball at the foot of the punishment and need careful, run turnovers and were intercepted rate is not low.
2) straight ball is relatively loose, as long as the run time about basic can pass is in place.
3) your head because said in front of the golf ball physics is a little problem, so weakened.
4) cross determine to be accurate, make the success rate is quite high.

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