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About FIFA Online 3 game introduce on imfifa.com

FIFA Online 3 on the basis of original football games, especially to strengthen the team management system, allowing the player to personalize the team. Through the unique business philosophy, the stars are all in the world's best, molded belongs to new players of football clubs. Also introduced the game similar to traditional online games rank growth concept, the players through continuous experience to participate in the competition, improve after grade will receive for any allocation of attribute points.

Run faster, played more accurate by a new generation of star players to develop. Unique player in the FIFA Online 3 players card system can be convenient to deal with others, buy and sell players, more can be improved player card to each star players in ascension. In addition to the personal training and exercise team in the league, FIFA Online 3 unique mode will bring different experience to all the football fans.

Provide a league game pattern, the matching game, players transfer market, auction, the referee more style and so on, at the same time allow multiplayer team. In addition, players can by joining the ball friend to meet more like-minded friends, their skills, exchange experience, transfer between players, chat.

Game mode of operation and the FIFA 11 are basically identical.In the FIFA Online 3, players can and computers for the whole season against league or cup, or choose to fight Online gamers. For any game will get a certain number of LP. The default button is with FIFA series game classic keys are basically identical.

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