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About FIFA 15 players ability to value list

EA's athletics tour book hand FIFA 15 has launched the IOS platform, game retained its creative skills, in addition to the traditional virtual buttons, players can use gestures new FIFA 15 IOS version, greatly reduces the inconvenience caused by mobile phone screen is too small. But in the game, although the players operating largely determine the outcome of the game, but FIFA 15 capacity values of high and low is also very important, has a high capacity value player can win the chance of the will, the more so the EA also released players ability to value the highest in 10 players.

10, the adzharian (Chelsea) capacity value of 88

9, franck ribery (bayern Munich) value of 88

8, schweinsteiger (bayern Munich) value of 88

7, suarez (Barcelona) capacity value of 89

6, iniesta (Barcelona) value of 89

5, neuer (bayern Munich) value of 90

4, ibrahimovic Paris st germain, a value of 90

3, robben (bayern Munich) value of 90

2, cristiano ronaldo (real Madrid) value of 92

1, Lionel messi (Barcelona) value of 93

In FIFA 15, Lionel messi is firmly on the version of the capacity value, cristiano ronaldo into second place, the player before friends if not get FIFA 15 of  50 players, don't lose heart, after all, their operation is the key to decide the game victory, we only need to play well every game, you'll get a certain experience, and their use of player ability value will increase.

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