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About FIFA 15 game mode about career on Imfifa

First enter the player also want to choose the club first, is to choose the country for the first column, the second column, the third column is choice is to choose the league club. You can then select a player or a real player on virtual players play, if you choose the latter, then select edit to create a new player to join the sport. Edit player to his name, nationality, age, size, appearance, usual position, such as usual feet for editing.

If the choice is real player, the player can only players within the club selected before the team list to choose one player. Independently created by the player can choose from echelon players career mode. Players and coaches are two completely different workers, coach mainly is responsible for the management, and players will need to be responsible for execution. Execution of the players will need to complete certain indicators, the indicators can be done through the in the game.

Players indicators including averaging scoring (8.4 points for the optimal), challenges (a passing challenge, assists and goals), the number of goals, the passing rate of (89% pass for optimal), etc. Types of these indicators, the excellent score is also vary from person to person, if more is the team cooperation is midfielder attack (pass, participation, defensive participation), an offensive player's goal (the attack), defensive player is intercept (defense, position), the goalkeeper is blocking the goal.

As long as the player basically on indicators are obtained the excellent result, then prove that players in the team, has been one of the most important and can be move to dream team. Score increase can do the following events: short, long success, intercept, a timely, accurate positioning, leaving less jobs, an empty net, corner accurate transmission to a teammate, throw-in successful transmission to a teammate, shot in the box, team offensive strength, team defensive strength, or the final finish half.

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