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About 2022 FIFA World Cup may be held in January or November

Qatar in the summer at the highest temperature is close to 50 degrees Celsius, FIFA President sepp blatter concede that the temperature is not suitable for hosting the World Cup, in FIFA's meeting, he said need to seriously discuss the possibility of Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup was held in winter. Meeting held the World Cup in Qatar alternatives down to two kinds, the first is to be held in January 2022 to February, the second is held in November to December, 2022.

In both January and November, the European each big, in the middle of the season was in no doubt for World Cup teams bring serious test preparation, preparation before the World Cup and World Cup rest often put the European season after cutting too fragmented. The European Union to FIFA club proposal, can consider to put the 2022 World Cup held in May, so we can through the compression end ahead of schedule for the league, not make full season cut into two segments.

FIFA secretary general Mr Said: "we have tended to January to November this two plans for the 2022 World Cup, but will also may seriously consider the possibility of a World Cup, have relevant personnel to the Middle East region climate survey, assessment is appropriate in the World Cup held in winter. "At the beginning of next year, FIFA will meet again, to discuss about this issue.

To normal at the World Cup in Brazil, for example, Germany won the World Cup winner of this year, the bundesliga on May 10, 2013-2013 season ended, the opening World Cup on June 13. From Germany last winter break in December 22 to 24 January this year, the German winter break this season is from December 21 to January 30. Feel the pinch of winter World Cup is the premier league, because the premier league is not only the winter break, and there are intensive during from Christmas to New Year's day schedule "express".

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