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About 2014 FIFA transfer market report on Imfifa

FIFA in the recently released 2014 annual international transfer summary report, among them, the transfer fee spending country (area) association, ranks first in England for $1.17 billion, ranking second in Spain, occupy the third in Germany. It is worth noting that China's spending for about $100 million fee no. 10, this is the first time China has entered the annual international transfer summary report top 10 transfer spending.

Since 2010, FIFA has officially launched the TMS (international transfer matching system), requires countries football transfer must be done through the TMS network registration. Every year thereafter, FIFA will according to the relative statistic data of the TMS, published in the international market summary report, the report can more accurately reflect the status of the development of the football transfer market.

2014 annual international transfer summary report, according to the 2014 global spent about $4.1 billion over the football transfer market among them, the England team in 2014 for introducing the player's spending totaled $1.17 billion, almost a quarter of total global market share, at the top, become the world's biggest football transfer investor.

The Brazilian league to become a premier league football transfer is most active around the world, in 2014, a total of 646 and 689 domestic transfer of foreign transfer deal. The premier league is the largest in last year's global spending on signings football league, and one of the largest gains belong to the Spanish football league. By selling the player, la liga in the roughly $667 million in revenues in 2014.

In addition, in 2014 the football transfer market involves the players' average age was 25.5 years, move to the country with the largest player is Brazil, 2014 football transfer a total of 1493 transactions involving Brazilian players, a total of 448 million dollars. The Chinese super league ranked second for euro 74.6 million and second only to the premier league.

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