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A number of measures before Barbara took over AC milan

Barbara and measures is completely against adriano galliani, but galliani also can with a "good standing the last post" mentality, to understand the current "double system" is just a transition, the end result is still the Barbara came to power in an all-round way. In the new headquarters of the red and black, for example, Barbara John rabe berlusconi tried to require all staff speak English, if the provisions, be aimed at is adriano galliani, the old man is not good at foreign languages.

In addition, for the transfer market, Barbara has determined the route: one is forbidden to collect little use free everywhere old players, the second is to abandon the current only doing business with several agents, clubs, three is the rai ora this insatiable agent completely out of the door.

Rai ora between internazionale had had a honeymoon period, respectively. The Iraqi cloth belt to inter milan, he has had a honeymoon with moratti, also in the recommendation of the Swede signed balotelli. But moratti finally rai ora annually for ibrahimovic, begging for a new contract, zlatan ibrahimovic "stomach" in 2009, he has to sell it to Barcelona, then off balotelli, like "god of plague" and rai ora.

Zlatan ibrahimovic to AC milan, 2010, 2012 and in a similar way to help adriano galliani cheap get Mario balotelli, rai ora become galliani guest immediately. Barbara, however, think that rai ora this agent is a purely; his indulgence made his players never seriously with the club, if ibrahimovic is a model professional, Mario balotelli is both inside and outside the stadium are lack of sense of responsibility.

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