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6 Midfielders Who Deserve Rating Upgrades For Impact At FIFA 19

In the first part of our ratings series, we take a look at midfielders who deserve to upgraded ratings.Let's kick off with the Spaniard who's been taking the World Cup by storm

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It's unbelievable that Isco hasn't had more game time at Real Madrid - but he's saved his best for the World Cup with some incredible displays.His FIFA 18 card is a decent 86 rating - but that's far too low for a player who, over the past few months, has proved time and time again he's world class.His string of in-form cards went some way to recognise this - so we'd expect a score of at least 88 in FIFA 19.

Luiz Gustavo

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At 30 years old, the Brazilian keeps getting better and better for Marseilles.In his first season, he helped his side reach the Ligue final - and was named in the Europa League Squad of the Season.His 80 rated card was boosted to 82 - and he got a number of In-Forms throughout the season.We'd expect a jump to at least 85 this year.

Ruben Neves

The Portugal star took the Championship by storm but sadly didn't make the cut for the national team.Believe it or not, he started FIFA 18 with a 77 rating - but then ended the 17/18 campaign with an 88-rated EFL Team of the Season item back in April.We won't see his FIFA 19 hit those heights, but an 82 seems very likely.

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Abdoulaye Doucouré

Watford's French maestro has been one of the finds of the season - and even won the Hornets' Player of the Season award.His base rating of 78 improved drastically to 87 after he was named in the Community TOTS.Expect a score in the mid 80s this year.

Nemanja Matić

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Matić has enjoyed his time at Man United so far - and continues to improve.He's currently 84-rated but benefited from a number of upgrades throughout the season - including a 92-rated TOTS.We won't see him hit the 90s this year in standard form, but his base card will sit around the 88 mark.

Sergej Milinković-Savić

This Lazio midfielder has been tearing up Serie A - and he's still only 23.The Serbian currently sits on a boosted 83 rating - after capitalising on the Ratings Refresh period.However, if he keeps up this form, he could well get more come FIFA 19.