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50 Plus 1 Policy of Bundesliga

As we all know, the German league has so-called "50 plus 1" policy. It roughly means that in addition to Leverkusen and Wolfsburg who have already invested before the policy and have owned the team for over 20 years, more than 50% shares of the professional teams must be held by a membership fan club. That is to say this fan club has the ultimate speaking right of the team.

But this policy is only applicative for the “professional " club, which is the Bundesliga and German 2nd division. Germany C as well as the lower semi-professional and amateur clubs is unconstrained. This is normal, because it is difficult for these teams to find sponsorship. Of course, it is impossible to pick and choose.

So there is a normal contradiction. If a team was once owned by a private person or a company, how will it be when it upgrades into the German 2nd division even Bundesliga? According to www.imfifa.co, a professional FIFA coins selling site, there have been two such incidents so far, and they are Hoffenheim and RB Leipzig.