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2015 European five big league player rankings

CIES for since January 2015 the European five big league player ranked position. Results messi was elected the best striker,C ronaldo was ranked 29th, only it is worth mentioning that the western media by using the theory of EPA data of baseball, compares the two star, is still the Lionel messi is better than C ronaldo. CIES is a swiss-based football research institutions, and Switzerland by FIFA as university established cooperation. The institution based on shooting accuracy, ability to create opportunities, one-on-one, passing six measures of key data such as accuracy, summarizes in 2015 five major league player at each location.

From January 1, 2015 to now, Lionel messi has scored 17 goals in 12 games in la liga, topped the list. 2 of the list is "Peter pan" robben, wolfsburg striker, "column 3. In the fourth and fifth, respectively is luis suarez and diego - costa. It is worth mentioning that real Madrid star C ronaldo in the striker's ranking only 29th - cristiano ronaldo in 2015 11 league appearances and scored six goals. Teammate cristiano ronaldo and karim benzema bell rankings were 35 and 37.

In attacking midfielder's ranking, Chelsea star azar tied for first, and with him 2015 azar contributed four goals in 10 games 2 assists, and 9 every league appearances data is 2 ball 3 assists. Is the third Manchester city winger nawaz, 4 and 5 are rare in zhe teammate's brow and Japanese star sweet sichuan's company.

Shaheen ranked highest in the progressive aspect, borussia Dortmund, YouWenJin child pogba in 2, and 3 to 5 were fernand dinho, than bounty and Beijing. Full-backs have two Manchester city star ranking list, clichy and saba, rest 3 people were marcelo, lafite, and del. Central defender, bayer leverkusen, PaXiJi tops, veteran Manchester city Martin demichelis, 2 or 3 people were left hu meyers, morin and thiago silva.

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