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2014 the best candidate for a standard goals

As the year-end will come, in world football all the awards also one by one. FIFA in the morning yesterday announced the best candidate for the best goal for 2014, including World Cup goals for three seats, from now on, the fans can vote for their loved ones star through the network. Goal is also known as the best puskas prize, officially founded in 2009, by FIFA to salute to Hungary's legendary striker puskas.

This year's best goal of the time range from November 3, 2013 to September 26 this year, voting is divided into two phases, the first stage until December 1, identify the three candidates, with the most votes in the second stage to the next year on January 12, by FIFA on annual awards announced the final result. Awards the prize, the annual best goal, traditionally including women's goal, must be in the national team A level all candidate match or nations of the world's top league scoring, and scorer in this year's game without serious violation.

Is the year of the World Cup, so in the top ten candidates from the World Cup goal accounted for three seats, which won the World Cup goal worthy of J was selected, the other two balls are robin van persie in the Netherlands and Spain scored in the diving header, and the Australian team in the game against Holland cahill running in the wonderful goal. The other seven goals respectively from the Spanish, French, English, Mexican league, major league soccer (MLS) in the United States, Japan's J league and the women's league of Ireland, the Hiroshima three arrows striker sato life of people is the only Asian player into the waiting list.

It is worth mentioning that this year 10 candidates no one from the champions league in scoring, and in contrast to the previous selection. Best goal award generally should follow several principles, first has the ornamental value, and the second is the importance of the goal, the third is the need of different types of goals, to make the fans enjoy the highlight of the annual goal as much as possible. According to the above standard, this year's top ten candidates style are different goals.

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